Number of named visitors will increase from 2 to 5.

The government announced on Monday that from 17 May 2021, every care home resident will be able to nominate up to five named visitors for visits in and out, including an essential care giver where necessary. In addition, residents will also be able to leave the care home for outdoor activities, work, education, medical appointments and activities that form part of a resident’s care plan (e.g. a day care centre) without self-isolating upon return.

Residents will not need to take a test when visiting out either before or after the visit, however where residents are visiting out to somewhere with an existing testing regime, e.g. a workplace, day care centre or education setting, they should participate in the relevant testing regime for that organisation where possible.

The following testing is required for Nominated visitors:

Essential care givers will need to follow the same testing regime as staff. All other visitors will need to test with a rapid lateral flow test on the day of the visit.
Updated visiting guidance will be published in the coming days.

Out of home visits for residents

Care home residents are now able to participate in out-of-home visits without having to isolate on their return for low risk activities including walks in places such as parks, public gardens and beaches.

Residents will not need to test before or after visiting out and will not need to self-isolate on return. If any resident becomes symptomatic following a visit, they should be tested and self-isolate as per usual and then please contact your local HPT.

Further information about the visiting out announcement can be found here:

Where visits are accompanied by either a care worker, nominated visitor or essential care giver, they should follow their relevant testing regime. Further information about relevant testing regimes can be found here: