Slowly getting back to normal

While we’re still taking every reasonable precaution to keep people here safe we continue to do whatever is necessary to get back to a more normal way of doing things for our residents.

We no longer have a limit on visits into and out of our homes but do request that residents, families and friends work with us to do things as safely as possible.

We’re still insisting upon a rapid lateral flow covid test from anyone who wishes to enter our homes to visit (done just before the visit at home or here on site). Visitors are requested to go directly to residents bedrooms and to wear one of our face masks unless they have an exemption.

We’re also still asking that all occupants of a vehicle that residents travel with visitors in have had a recent Lateral flow test. We’d prefer residents not to use public transport.

We can supply free boxes of COVID tests and demonstrate how to carry out the tests where needed.

Visiting and staying with family is encouraged but we do need to consider any risk that certain situations might present and can advise accordingly.

We’ve been very fortunate to date in maintaining a zero COVID rate for residents living in all of our homes but staff have been less fortunate and some have gotten quite poorly (even recently) so let’s all work together to keep COVID out of our own homes and here.

Thank you